Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Colored Lens for Brown Eyes

One of the most attractive feature on your face is your eyes. It is the eyes that stands out and adds more worth to your face value. One of the greatest evolution in eye-makeup industry is colored contact lens which has made the appearance of eye possible in any shade and design. Basically, there is a wide range of eye colors, but amongst all brown is a versatile color loved by many. Even the color brown has a wide array of contrast and dark shades so it needs a careful consideration to choose the exact shade ideal for your face.

Choosing colored contacts for brown eyes could be a task of confusion. But you can always take help from web or a stylist for the perfect choice. Here are few researched points that will help you to a great extent while choosing one
Top 3 Colors


If you are born with natural brown eyes and want a blue tint that adds more volume, then blue color contacts is the right choice for you. Blue is one of the top 3 choices for brown eyes all around the globe. If your eyes are more on the darker side of brown, you go for the lighter ones. This combination creates the impression of dark and deep eyes. If your eyes are of a lighter shade, then go for the ones that are dark, this will give your eyes a sea blue look. The popular celebrity Paris Hilton is loved by many for her famous blue eyes. So, follow the right combination and there is every possibility that you might end up looking as a fashion icon yourself. 

Another top choice for people with brown eyes is green that presents an Irish hue in your eyes. Green looks very natural and that is the best part. Regardless of lighter or darker shade, green provides a realistic look that does not look made up anyway. It can be worn with formal, parties and for a casual day as well.

The best choice for a formal evening or special dinner dates! A black gown with smoky eye makeup and a gray lens on, it’s just perfection. Gray is a universal color and matches both, cool and warm skin tones. It’s for the people who want a natural and snazzy look for their eyes.

Standard Lens for Brown Eyes:
Apart from these, opaque colored contacts are another better option. These lenses are usually double tinted which restricts the natural color of your pupil totally. These lenses are specially made with a hole in the centre for you to see. These kinds of lenses are great for any special occasion or for a dazzling look. 

So, these are the few necessary details on what is suitable for brown colored eyes. If followed and chosen properly, your eyes will look like the perfect dreamy eyes you have always wanted. Take care of the mentioned lens guidelines and choose the perfect color for you.  

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