Monday, October 12, 2015

How to Apply Eye Makeup with Colored Contacts?

Colored contact lenses are hip, trendy and readily available in a variety of colors such as black contacts, blue contacts and many more. You can choose an outfit and a makeup that goes best with your colored contacts. If you are using contact lens, you need to very careful about your eye makeup. A single mismatch can lead to a big fashion disaster. So, tweak your eye makeup accordingly with some basic procedures.

There are several recommended steps you need to follow for putting on eye makeup easy and fast, without disturbing your contact lenses.

Tips to put on eye makeup:

Note: Always keep in mind to wear your contact lenses before makeup, so that there will be no transferring of the makeup onto your eye or contact.

  • Eyelid primer: This is a kind of gel applied on eyelids in order to keep the eye makeup in place. This will not allow the eye makeup to get into your contacts even if you are in a sweaty environment.
  • Select cream eye shadows over powdered one: Apply cream eyeshadows as they have a concentrated compact quality, and there is lesser chance of getting into the contacts.
  • Pencil eyeliner on the outer part of your eyelids only: Use a pencil eyeliner on the outer part of your eyelids and stop using any liquid eye liner as these can dry out and flake.
  • Apply oil-free mascara: Prefer hypoallergenic mascara in order to prevent irritation in the eyes. Brush the mascara only halfway down the roots of your eyelashes, glide it against your lashes and don’t leave any lumps on your lashes to prevent flaking.
  • Apply a makeup that is safe for contact lens wearers: There are many contact lens friendly cosmetics available nowadays. You may search for those that are labeled as “approved for contact lens wearers” or you can also talk to your ophthalmologist about it.

Endure the beauty of your eyes with colored contacts. Follow these above-mentioned tips to apply eye makeup in a stepwise manner. Get all those cosmetics specified particularly for contact lens wearers.

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