Sunday, October 11, 2015

Using Contact Lenses? Stop Making Eye Damaging Mistakes

Statistics reveal that over 3.5 billion people have common eyesight problems such as: astigmatism, myopia and hypermetropia, which compels them to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses to correct refractive errors. Apparently, having the perfect 20/20 clear vision is a luxury nowadays. No wonder, we see at least 3 in 10 people wearing glasses or contacts, and moreover, if we consider people who regularly wear colored contact lenses, the figure will be higher. Although glasses are the common choice of correcting eyesight issues, the trend of wearing contact lenses is catching up fast; It's comfortable, less obstructing and looks natural on the wearer. This brings us to the real topic – top eye damaging mistakes (or you could call habits) many contact lens wearers commit without realizing.

Over-wearing lenses than the recommended limits:

It's more common than you think! People typically extend its usage in order to save money, but, the truth is, it will cost you more. Experts say that contact lenses get worn out after prolonged use and even promote breeding of germs, eventually leading to infections. So, replace your lenses accordingly; it's safe to use it for a couple of days more than the recommended limit.

Sleeping with contacts on:

It could cause a significant damage to your cornea with good chances of permanent vision impairment. Experts say that even a nap with contacts puts your eyes in danger. The science is, while sleeping, eyes naturally produce a good deal of bacteria and other germs. Moist contact lenses rather create much friendly environment to support their germination. If you are lucky, you could just walk away with blurry vision, redness, discomfort, infections, if not you may get permanent vision impairment.

Getting a shower or swimming with contacts on:

The thing is... water and contact lenses don't go hand in hand. Showering with a pair of those is unwise, let alone swimming (water-bodies riddled with parasites and bacteria). But, if you did swim (by mistake), it's suggested to put them off as soon as you come out of the pool. Don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly before doing so. Also, throw them right away. However, if you are out of spares, use it for a day after disinfecting them overnight.

Aforementioned are the 3 most common mistakes people take for granted. It goes true for prescription contacts, colored contacts, novelty contacts, special effect contacts and everything in-between. Skimming on your investment in contact lenses is rather unwise. Eyes are precious, let's treat it likewise!

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