Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Colored Circle Contacts: For Big, Expressive Eyes!

Colored circle contacts are special types of contact lenses with different types, color, style, size, brand and diameter. These give your eyes an extravagant look, while modifying the color of the iris that tends to look slightly bigger and lively. You can also select a colored contact matching to your overall appearance, such as face, costumes or hairstyles.

Get lively and larger eyes with Colored circle lens:

Circle contacts, otherwise known as Big Eyes lens, are popular for its enlargement effect on the eyes due to its limbal ring. The surrounded limbal ring gives a lively effect to the eyes by enhancing user’s appearance. A wearer easily creates a visible impression by wearing circle lens with better enlargement effect that gives them big, more expressive eyes.

Vibrancy of colors in contact lenses is always liked by customers. According to the preferences, you can wear circle contact lens of natural color that blends well with the iris color and these do not affect your normal vision in anyway. These are also comfortable to wear with your regular schedule, weekly or monthly basis.

Colored circle lens vs normal contacts:

  • Colored circle lens makes an eye look bigger and wider with its extended black rim around the edge by changing the eye color, whereas normal colored contacts only changes color of the iris without any change in eye size.
  • Circle lenses have maximum color combination per design, whereas normal contacts have limited colors.
  • These have lower water contents than normal contact lens in order to compensate moisture level in eyes.
  • These are slightly bigger with larger diameter that covers outer rims of your eye lenses and iris.

Do you prefer vivid eye color over more subtle tones? Then, colored circle lens is perfect for you! They give you an opportunity to change color of your eyes whenever you want. Just find a trusted site and order your colored contacts. 

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