Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Everything You Need to Know about the Rare Green Eyes

Colored eyes can truly make you stand-out in the crowd and give a mysterious personality. Although it's not uncommon to find people with colored eyes, some are just too rare, like the 'Green.' This is the least common eye color, also the most attractive and desirable of all at the same time; only 2% of the world's population have them. Only some lucky ones get the green color eyes because they have higher levels of yellow melanin. They have a yellow stroma, which give the eyes its color because of Rayleigh scattering. It's worth noting that green eyes don't appear immediately after birth, sometimes it may take years. 

Green Color Contacts


Although the exact origin cannot be traced, there are records which corroborate that it originated in the Caucasus, around the mountains. Therefore, it's more common among European and Asian countries such as: Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Spain, Brazil. But, it's found to be more common among females than males.

It has been proven that the color of the eyes depends on more than one gene (up to 16 genes). So, there's a good chance that a newborn baby can have any eye color. However, certain heritages are less likely to get this most coveted colored eyes.

It's often considered that people with green eyes are intellectual, mysterious and mischievous. The color green is often linked with jealousy too, and some are considered evil. In older times, women with red hair and green eyes were declared a witch (because cats have green eyes and witches are linked with cats) and so, were hunted down.

The rarity of green color has made it desirable enough by many people. No wonder, people today wear green colored contacts. People with astigmatism are largely wearing prescription green colored contacts too. If you want to have that mysterious green eyes, you could always go for colored contact lenses.

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