Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Express Your Personality with Prescription Colored Contacts

The perfect fashion accessory can be yours – and it’s not at all what you’re thinking! It’s not a new necklace, a fancy belt, or a new pair of heels. No, it’s a new pair of prescription colored contacts.

Be Unique

It's not just eyeglasses that come in a range of colors and styles anymore. Now prescription lenses do too! Queencontacts carries beautiful shades, such as wine blue, 3-tone violet, and vivid brown. Show your personality with the quality prescription colored contacts you choose, while correcting your vision at the same time. 

Eye Color and Personality

Did you know that your eye color can reflect your personality? Here is what each eye color represents:

Black - Black colored eyes are rare, so if you choose this type of lens then you are mysterious and a rare treasure. You are also trustworthy and a loyal friend.

Brown - Wanting brown prescription colored contacts? People with brown eyes are attractive, simplistic, and confident. You are practical but also happy-go-lucky.

Gray – You are anything but aggressive if you have gray eyes. Instead, you have inner strength, are rational, and make a great leader!

Hazel – The mix of brown and green in your eyes is beautiful. You love to try new things, are brave, and always up for an adventure.

Green – Get lost in green eyes. These people are positive people generally, with a big appetite for life and who are living life to the fullest.

Blue – With your blue contacts, you look cheerful and bright. Others are attracted to you and your extrovert personality. You are sincere and kind.

Show Your Full Personality

Have fun switching up your eye color with quality prescription colored contacts from Queencontacts to reveal different parts of your personality! Our comfortable lenses are fit with your prescription and we ship them to you for your convenience. Match the contacts with how you are feeling today and who you want to attract into your life.

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