Friday, October 14, 2016

Benefits of Prescription Coloured Contacts for Active Lifestyles

If you have an active lifestyle, prescription coloured contacts are exactly what you need to enjoy sports activities fully and fun outside. The lenses from Queen Contacts are lightweight, easy to put in and take out, and they are comfortable to wear too.

Working Out with Contacts

With prescription coloured contacts, you can make the switch from glasses and leave behind the discomfort of having the frames slip down your nose or fog up. You also might have been worried about your lenses breaking during sports games; if the eyeglasses break you might end up with an eye injury, while not with contact lenses.
With the new lenses from Queen Contacts, the contacts sit directly on the cornea so that they won’t move off of the eye even when you are doing an intense workout. Do make sure that you follow the care instructions that come with your prescription coloured contacts to keep them feeling great and also avoid the risk of eye infection or irritation.

Get a New Sporty Look

With your new prescription coloured contacts, you can alter your appearance at the gym or outdoors when you work out with friends, family, your coach, or strangers. Keep them guessing about how you look and wanting to learn more about you as you meet your fitness goals! Choose from a range of great colors from Queen Contacts, including:
·         Dueba Belita Choco
·         Vassen Ever Green
·         Vassen Kitty Kawaii Diamond 3 Tone Gray
·         Neo Vision Dali Xtra Violet
·         MIGWANG CLO Wine Blue

Better Stability of Vision with Contacts

Plus, you have a more stable vision with contacts than eyeglasses. As you run, for example, you might find that your glasses move slightly on your face. Reduce this vision issue while running with your prescription contact lenses. You will also be able to wear safety wear, like goggles, with contacts, although you could not achieve as good of a fit with eyeglasses.

Get convenient and comfortable prescription contacts from Queens Contacts to enjoy your workouts and sports games more, starting today!

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