Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sharingan Contacts: Transform into Your Favorite Manga Character

With amazing sharingan contact lenses, you can become a range of manga heroes! The designs are just like you see in the series and are a central part of your cosplay costume throughout the year or on special occasions like Halloween.

Take Your Costume to the Next Level

Sharingan contacts take your appearance up a notch. You might choose to be Itach Uchiha of the manga series Naruto or designs. Or, maybe Dueba / Barbie has all of the individuality that you want in your lenses. The latest designs at Queen Contacts give you many possibilities!

There are also timeless costume possibilities with the:

·         Funky Zebra,  Funky Yellow Werewolf, and Funky Zombie choices!

Become your character from head to toe. Your friends and family will be amazed by the level of detail you were able to achieve at the party or another fun event.

About the Sharingan Eyes

If you are new to the sharingan world, then let us give you an overview of the importance of the sharingon eyes of Danzo, Itachi, Madara, and many more. The eyes associate with certain abilities; Itachi, for example, is known for mastering Genjutsu so he is well-versed with Tsukuyomi, although he can use Amaterasu too.

“Standard” Mangekyou abilities associate with the eyes of characters such as Danzo, while Shisui has different Mangekyou abilities. In other words, some sharingan eyes have special capabilities.

for “Mangekyou,” it translates into the phrase “kaleidoscope copy wheel eye.” So now you understand more about the patterns of the contacts being such as they are at Queen Contacts and the significance they hold for the wearers.

Sharingan activates when there is emotional stress. Some people speculate that the combination of distress of the mind and IQ level create the particular sharingan techniques in the different characters. Of course, the bloodline is another factor.

To transform completely into your favorite manga character, try quality sharingan contacts from Queen Contacts today!

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