Friday, October 7, 2016


One of the secrets of enhancing your look and appearance in any events is by the use of colored contact lenses. In the market today, we have many brands of colored contact lenses. The most preferred one among young Naruto anime fans are the Sharingan contact lenses. Sharingan contacts are specially designed as a replica of the Sharingan eyes. They are most time won for fun and entertainment.
These lenses were designed based on the popular Naruto anime series. The Uchiha clan (members of Ninja family)  in the series have this strange eye condition called Sharingan.  So Sharingan contact lenses is a replicate to mimic the Sharingan red eyes in Anime series.

Sharingan Contact Lenses Styles
Sharingan contacts come in two different styles. We have the Sclera and Regular. The sclera style of Sharingan contacts gives a more dramatic and stylish.  Sclera style covers your entire eye area including the white area too. They are recommended mostly for partying only because they are not too comfortable to wear.
The regular style of Sharingan lenses fits comfortably on the eyes just like the normal color contacts. It is designed in such a way to have a hole in the middle of the lens for the pupil.

Some Of The Character Imitated
Basically,  Sharingan look is a red colored eye coupled with a thin, black outline around the circle and some black dots in the shape of a crescent. The number of dots and variations is a function of which character to mimic. Some of the character imitated are:
SasukeUchiha:  This look is known for the two false pupils that are rotating around your real pupil. No doubt, it looks scary.
ItachiUchiha: This character has three false pupils with thin, black lines that rotate around the real pupil.
KakashiHatake:  It has a red iris with three fake pupils and small, thin white and black lines rotating around the pupil. This and many others can be ordered from
Sharingan contacts lenses are also useful costume accessory for Halloween parties, theme parties, and fantasy parties. Sharingan contacts are perfectly safe to wear. Make sure you go through the instructions before handling them. For your quality and affordable Sharingan Contact Lenses. Place your order at

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