Sunday, October 16, 2016

Style Your Outfit to Match Your Blue Contacts

When you decide to get colored contacts, amongst the first decisions to make is which shade to get – and with Queen Contacts there are many wonderful bright or dark colors! Amongst the most popular ones are blue contacts because they look more natural with dark colored eyes, such as brown eyes. Plus, blue is such a great color in spring and summer. Enjoy variety when you wear color contacts!

Clothes to Go with Blue Contacts

Don’t worry; you won’t have to change your whole fashion sense to style your outfit to match your blue contacts. Instead, the idea is more to bring out the color or “make it pop” so that get the most benefit out of the beautiful hue you have chosen.

By the way, there are many shades of blue contacts available at Queen Contacts, including:

·         Neo Vixion Dali Xtra Blue
·         G&G Shinny CLARA Blue
·         Coco Blue
·         EMILY Blue
·         VILLEA Blue
·         Innovision Elegant Aqua
·         Vassen Rainbow Eyes Blue

To bring attention to the lovely blue hue that you have taken the time to choose for your eyes, you need to look at the color wheel. You can find one free online, simply by searching “color wheel.” On the wheel, locate the color of your lens. Then take notice of the color directly across from this color on the wheel.

Also, note the colors directly surrounding the shade of your lens on the wheel. Thirdly, check which colors are two shades away from each other and the color of your lens. Now, select any of these noted colors and use them as the main color in your outfit.

Celebrities and Blue Contacts

You can also get fashion ideas from celebrities who are rocking the blue contacts, such as Kanye West at Met Gala 2016. His wife, Kim Kardashian, has also worn blue contacts, such as the dark blue pair she put with all black. Yes, black is always in fashion and goes great with the stand-out eyes.

Look fashionable year round by following these tips for matching your outfit well to your blue contact lenses from Queen Contacts.

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