Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Watch Your Social Life Transform with Contacts in Blue or Black

Stand out from the crowd with blue or black contacts! The options are endless with various patterns and shades available from Queencontacts, the most affordable choice for buying contact lenses online.

Have you ever wished you had blue eyes or been told by a guy that you would look so much better with darker eyes? Perhaps you do not like your natural eye color or long for a more glamorous look. In any of these cases, the solution can be as easy as wearing colored contact lenses.

Enhance Your Appearance

Transform your look instantly! Get big, dramatic eyes with Dueba Bella Blue contact lenses. The flowered pattern of the lenses will catch the attention of anyone you want. The contacts combine blue and black, with the flower design giving your eyes a wide, beautiful effect.

Or, perhaps you want black contact lenses instead and choose the GEO Ultra Magic Circle contacts. The pattern resembles webbing and graduates your original eye color with black. Your eyes look so pretty, enhancing not only the outfit your wear but also your hair color.

Choose blue contacts that look natural or get pairs with fantastic swirls instead. It’s totally up to you! Look stylish and get more confidence by reinventing your eye color with our easy-to-use contacts. We have many disposable versions of contacts at affordable prices.

Get Positive Attention

Make him look twice at you with our huge selection of blue contacts and black contacts. The graphics range from shining stars and circular lines to cat-like styles. Your eyes stand out and twinkle with some of the lenses and have a wide-awake look with other ones.

Get an assortment of Queencontacts lenses to vary your look throughout the week, keeping your friends and family guessing about how you will look each day! You just might find yourself piquing the interest of someone new. Changing your eye’s pigment with contacts can open up a whole new pool of potential romantic partners to you. Enjoy your newest fashion accessory: contact lenses.

Comfortable and Safe Colored Contact Lenses

Never worry about discomfort as our products have high oxygen permeability, as well as double coating, which prevents pigment used in the contacts from transferring to the eye. All contacts on our site have undergone two-stage defect inspections so that you won’t have to worry about anything. The only decision you will have to make is which pair of blue contacts to wear today or whose head will turn your way with your newest pair of black contacts.

Choose from a range of colors, including blue contacts and black contacts, from top manufacturers GEO, Dueba, Vaseen, Neo Vision, and iContact, all within our one convenient website. Your eyes will stand out, and your social life will thrive!

                           How to Choose the Right Color of Prescription Colored Contacts

With prescription colored contacts, you can change your appearance and enjoy having the shade of eyes you had always wanted, without having to worry about not being able see clearly. The best color to choose depends on several factors, including what type of look you want to achieve.

Prescription Colored Contacts For Light Eyes

If you want the effect to be subtle, opt for a color that is a bit darker than your natural shade. If you have sky blue eyes, for example, then you might opt for cobalt blue lenses from Vassen. Instantly your eyes will become deep blue like the ocean. Opt for a patterned variety from Queencontacts to up the pretty quotient even more.

Do you still want to look natural but desire a totally different color than your blue eyes? If so, then gray or green are excellent choices. For a dramatic new look, why not go from blue to a chocolate brown instead? You will look stunning and draw admiration everywhere you go with the Dueba Belita Choco contact lenses or a similar type of circle lens. Easily order online at an affordable price from us!

Prescription Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

If your eyes are dark, then opt for a lighter shade instead for the contacts. Hazel or light brown are nice choices. If your skin is dark, choosing a light shade of prescription contact lenses will look amazingly vivid and create a beautiful new look. The bright color looks stylish! People will look twice at you, nodding in appreciation of your fashionable edge and uniqueness. You may just find yourself being the most popular person in the room. Vary your daily lens to get even more attention and keep people guessing about what color you will wear tomorrow.

Color of Skin Tone and Contact Lenses

If you have yellow or gold undertones, generally light brown, hazel, and green shades look best for you. At Queenscontact, we have prescription color contacts in various designs for these colors, including swirls, lace-inspired designs, and styles that make your eyes look as though they twinkle.

On the other hand, skin tones with blue or “cool” undertones and people with strawberry blond or salt-and-pepper color of hair should instead seek out cool eye colors. Cool colors are plum, ice blue, and violet. The lenses will then look most natural. Queencontacts offers many different versions of these colors, as well as unique patterns to further enhance your look, all at low-cost prices.

We carry a range of sizes of prescription colored contacts so that you can get the ones that are most comfortable and look the best on your eyes. Whether you want a bright color or one that is dark and mysterious, Queencontacts is sure to have one that you find cute, beautiful, and appealing.

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