Sunday, November 6, 2016

Best and Funky Patterned Contacts to Choose From

Colored contacts have always been used for enhancing the looks of the eyes. They have now become one of the major fashion accessories. Over the years we have seen them evolve from the basic vision correcting plain ones to the colored fashionable ones. But thanks to technology, we are now able to see variations in prints and patterns of contacts in the market.  

The demand for these fashionable contacts are growing at a faster pace. And, with the aim of presenting something new, many companies are now coming up with funky and crazy designs to woo the customers. Some of them are wild too, but impart a cool look.

Here are some funky designs to choose from:
I Love You Contacts: A unique way of proposing to the love of your life - I Love You contacts. These are simple white contacts with I Love You message written on them. Show your beloved how much you love that they can see this even in your eyes, literally.

Mickey Mouse Contacts: The name itself sounds so crazy. These lenses are actually cute and can change the looks of your eyes in no time. They are colorful and opaque and are totally apt for young college students who want to flaunt Disneyland in their eyes. Available in two varieties where you can either choose a single Mickey or multiple Mickeys.

Smiley Contacts: Hearing the word smiley reminds us the yellow-black smiling face. Similar are the smiley contacts with bright yellow color and a smiley that sits on your pupil lighting up your look. They are simply superb for your Halloween parties or you can sport them to a fashion party. Else you can wear them any day for a cool look.

Soccer Ball Lens: Strange but true, these lenses do exist. If you are a soccer fan, show off by sporting these soccer ball lenses to a sports day or when you are out to watch a match. Cheer for your favorite team with these uber chic lenses that display your craze for the game.

Leopard Lens:  If you love to show off your animal prints dresses, shoes, bags and accessories, then you can flaunt them in your eyes too. Yes, Leopard printed lenses are now available for crazy animal print lovers. Go wild while matching your eyes with your outfit for a complete look earts feels so charming and warm.

Pink Lens With Heart Motif: Here is a pair of contacts that can change your eye color to pink. They also have a big heart motif at the center that looks so lovely. Imagining pink eyes with sweeth.

Funky Checkered: A pair of crazy cosplay lenses that are black and white, but are definitely cooler than your normal eyes. Checkered contacts are what we are talking about. These black and white checks on the lenses are cool to sport and are purely opaque, blocking the original colors of the eyes.

Apart from these there are hundreds of crazy, funky and scary cosplay contacts and sharingan contacts to choose from. Wear them anywhere you like and they will definitely show off your style. These soft contacts are very fashionable and trendy and come in huge color options and patterns.

Author’s Bio: QueenContacts deal with various colored and cosplay contacts at a cheaper price that are soft and very much safe to use.

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