Monday, November 14, 2016

Cool Contact Lenses That Will Have You Seeing Black Spots

Contact lenses have never been so cool as they are today. They are way better than glasses that hide your face and get in the way when you’re playing sports. Now you can wear amazing Sharingan contacts to complete your Cosplay costume or just because it’s so fun to have this amazing look! Here is all about the fun contact lenses that have designs like black spots on them and are anything but typical.

All About Dueba Cosplay Lenses

When you wear Cosplay contact lenses, you will be distinguishable as having the same eyes as the animation characters, which is great for costume players.
Get vibrant colors of on your contact lenses that make you stand out from a crowd like nobody else when you wear them! You’ll be so unique in the fashion world!
The Dueba Cosplay contact lenses from QUEEN Contacts feature bright red lines and swirls, as well as black designs. They are made to last six to twelve months, providing excellent value to you as you put on your Cosplay costumes and have fun! There are many designs available, based on all your favorite movies, as well as anime and manga series.
These contact lenses are almost half water content, which is great for dry eyes. Enjoy a comfortable lens all day long with the Cosplay contact lenses.

Designs for Sharingan Contacts

There are many designs for Cosplay contacts. There are pairs that flare out with red lines from a white center, almost like the lines of the sun, except in red. The black background makes the red stand out, and the white center is awesome.
There are designs of lenses for each of the Sharingans, and so many that you can look through! For Naruto cosplay, you are all set! The Naruto anime series is a popular one and now you can incorporate it into your own fashion-forward style every day of the week or just when you want to put on your full Cosplay costume. It’s totally up to you!

Color Engineering Technology

The tinting effects available with the latest color engineering technology make the amazing colors you see on the Sharingan contacts possible. The range of designs color the entire contact so that they cover full iris and pupil of the eye with red, black, and white in a specific pattern when worn. Despite the contacts being colored, you can still see through the contacts, which is on account of color engineering technology.

Portray a Specific Character

When you have a specific character to play, Sharingan contacts are the perfect solution. They complete your costume, making you appear just like your favorite anime character! You can create the ultimate Cosplay, showing you are the number one fan.

Bring a whole new life to your costume and look like the character from head to toe. You get quality Cosplay contact lenses that fit comfortably on your eyes while you are in the role of your anime character. When it comes time for Halloween, you’re all set to be any character of choice.

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