Friday, November 11, 2016

Eye Painting - A New Form of Face Art

Eye Painting- things that come to our mind when we hear this term are tattoos, painting our body and face, and other things of similar sorts. Eye painting comes under the purview of Face Art, which refers to using our face to create some dramatic effects. Imagine you are going to a party with your face painted to match your costume. Sounds awesome, isn’t it!

Theme based parties are the right time to go for a matching eye painting with your perfect costume. Here are a few ideas you can go for :

The Mermaid Look: Green eyes make this look mesmerizing. Green contacts are widely available with many sites online. Put on these contacts and play with colors that will enhance the mermaid look. For instance, a blend of green and blue color eye shadows along with some strokes of gold and a touch of white color can capture this dramatic look. If possible, add a dash of red mascara. Use accessories like a starfish and some blue and green stones or gold glitters to complete the look The following picture can help you more.

Golden Flowers effect with green eyes:  A fresh green and golden flower art will look exquisite. Put on a pair of green color contacts and start with a mix of green and yellow eye shadows. Gently put a stroke of golden glitters around the eyelashes. Get some golden petals of flowers that are really lightweight and place them on the exterior end of the eyelids. You can also draw some green petals to complement the golden ones. Any other patterned golden accessories also add more to your look. Here is a picture that can act as a reference.

The Cleopatra look: This look is based on blue eyes. Use Blue contacts for achieving this. Apply a thick line of blue eyeshadow. Now put some golden eye shadow above the blue line and apply a hint of green color towards the edge of the eye. Smudge the golden and green color a bit. Use a thick black eyeliner to create that wing effect. Put on false lashes if required and gently paste some white stone on the lashes. And Voila! You look like Cleopatra.

Make up is such a magic wand; it can really create wonders. We have seen various evolutions it has undergone. Now one can really play with it to achieve the desired look. A tactful use of props and accessories like feathers, stars, stones, petals and these dramatic looks can be easily achieved. Also, you can think of many more colored contacts styles and arts to match your costume and personality. Eye painting is a new way to show-off your creativity and the fact that you look elegant.

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