Friday, November 11, 2016

How to Wear Black & Blue Contacts Correctly

You just ordered your new contact lenses from Queencontacts and you’re excited! Soon you will have black contacts or blue contacts (or both) that enhance your appearance and meet your vision needs. Just be sure you understand how to wear your new contacts correctly and take care of them.

Only Use Clean Hands
Firstly, before you handle your contacts always wash your hands. This tip applies to both insertion and removal of your contact lenses. Otherwise, debris from your fingers may wind up on the black contacts, which can irritate your eyes and make them uncomfortable to wear. Dry your hands with a lint-free towel before touching the contact lenses.

How to Fix Folded Contact Lenses
Do not get anxious if you open the case for your blue contacts and they are inside out or folded. Instead, place the colored contact in the palm of your hand and apply lens solution over it. A few drops of solution will do. Then, softly roll the lens the right way. If the lens is inside out, it will be cup-shaped when you look at it from the side, while if the contact is flipped backward, then it has a V-shape with a rim on it.

Center the Lens
When you apply the blue contacts or black contacts over the Iris of your eye, ensure you center the lens over your Iris. The Iris is the circular colored section of your eye; the lens should completely cover this part of your eye when you wear it correctly.

Clean Your Case
Once a week, clean your lens case with mild soap to remove any remnants of the old solution. Let it air dry.

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