Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Sometimes we just need to look different from our usual look. Adding an extra kick to our costumes by using Black Contact Lenses might be the answer. One may ask; what are black contact lenses? Who can wear them? Where and when can we wear them? Fortunately, in this article, you will get answers to them.

Firstly, Black contact lenses are specially designed type of theatrical contact lens that are entirely dark in color. Good enough, black contacts suit any kind of costume. It does not matter the costume you are wearing. Black contacts give an extra aura and spooky look.
Black lenses are a great addition to Halloween costume, and invariably give eyes an appearance that no doubt attract attention.


Black contacts come in different styles and types. The first type is those designed to cover only the eye iris. In this kind of contact lenses, some of its design still allow the pupil to show while others are so dark that both the iris and are extremely covered. Regarding vision wise, some of these types of black contacts offer corrective vision while some are meant for decoration.
The second type of black contacts is those that covers only iris and pupil. This type of black contact makes the entirely eye black excluding the whites

The last type of black contact is the black sclera contacts. It covers the pupil, iris, and the sclera(the white part of the eyes). Giving to its purpose of covering the entire eyes, they always appear much larger than other types. In terms of vision wise, black sclera contacts tend to be blinding or plano. If you want to create the most dramatic effect, this type of black contact is a better option.

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