Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Hygienic Way to Wear Contacts!

Wearing black or blue contacts gives you an amazingly stylish look. But, it is not just about looking great, personal health and wellness also matter. Everyone’s eyes are different, so is the type of vision and sensitivity towards certain things. Maintaining a proper hygiene is utterly important while using contact lenses on a daily basis.

Initial Hygiene tips:
If you are a regular user of black contact lenses, do not leave them open for too long and wash them using improper ways. A new study explains that it is really a bad idea to sleep with the lens on or use unwashed hands to pop them out. It shows that people wearing contact lenses develop several types of bacteria in their eyes—including a particular kind that is usually linked to eye ulcers. They are generally seen in a higher number and categories into four species: Acinetobacter, Methylobacterium, Lactobacillus, and Pseudomonas. And, the last one is commonly connected with the corneal ulcers. These offending organisms tend to originate from the skin, so a greater attention needs to be paid to hand hygiene and eyelids.

What can be done to keep your eye infection-free?

l  Wash your hands, and then touch the lens: Do make sure you wash your hands using an antibacterial soap before touching your contact lenses. Put them on your palm and use some cleaning solution to get rid of the dirt and harmful bacteria present in the lenses. Gently massage the lens using appropriate solution, even if it is instructed, not to do so. By doing this, you get highly sanitized lens.

l  Do consider different lenses: Studies also suggests, the use of daily disposable soft lenses is an ideal way to avoid such kinds of problems. If you use a fresh pair of contacts for every single day, you will experience a lesser number of bacteria entering into your eyes. Also, if you do not like cleaning your contacts on a daily basis, it could be an easy way to keep your eyes healthy.

l  Give them a rest: The best way to avoid a bout of red-eye or something even severe to that, is to limit your eye’s exposure to lenses. Wearing your contacts only during the requirement is recommended. Limit your wearing to 10-14 hours a day at the most, and never jump into the swimming pool with the contacts on. The pool’s water is filled with a number of infectious bacteria just waiting to enter your lenses.

Apart from following the instructions, make sure you purchase blue or black contacts from a reputed online shop.

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