Friday, November 18, 2016

What to Wear with Your Brown Contact Lenses

If you’re into fashion like us, then you always want to look your best! Now that you have stunning beautiful brown eyes, thanks to your colored contacts for brown eyes, you’ll want to wear clothes that highlight the wonderful shade.

Gold Dress

Put on a gold dress to enhance your brown contact lenses right away. That’s what singer Selena Gomez did recently, and it looks amazing. Also, you will look great in clothes that have yellow hues to them, such as a mustard shade. Your brown eyes brighten with this type of outfit! Accent the wardrobe with a small leather brown purse or a pair of brown knee-high boots with a great heel.

Red Blouse or Skirt

A rich shade of red can do wonders for your colored contacts for brown eyes. Think burgundy and darker hues rather than bright red, as the bold color may overpower your lovely browns and we don’t want that to happen. The lovely eyes are the star of the outfit! Your brown eyes shine, and so does your smile. Brown-eyed actress Keira Knightley has worn red outfits very well, and her eyes look amazing – as will yours!

Brown Jacket

A neutral brown jacket will go with everything in your wardrobe and also match well with your brown contact lenses. It doesn’t have to be an exact match either. For example, you could wear a honey-brown dress with light brown eyes. We’ve seen brown-eyed singer Beyoncé do exactly that, and she looked fabulous.

Even if you were not born with brown eyes, you will now have your dream come true by wearing QUEEN Contacts colored lenses that come in a range of brown hues. Choose the exact shade you prefer, from Cacao Brown to Vivid Brown or delicate Xtra Brown, and wear them with an outfit that complements them perfectly! 

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