Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why Contacts are a Great Idea for Teenagers?

Getting good grades, excelling in sports, hanging out with friends, lots of pressure - managing all of that and always maintaining a cool look at the same time - That is what teen-age is! A fresh mind to meet expectations and discover the real zeal of life. But sometimes it gets difficult; when you can’t make out the writings on blackboard, or when a distant ball looks invisible until it’s literally in your hand. These are the indication of vision irregularity that needs to be corrected immediately.

Cosmetic contact lenses are a kick for teenager. Any school-going kid can wear them. There is no age barrier. Even special school contacts are available today.  Very natural and brilliant, they vividly brighten your eyes with distinct hues and attractive tints in lens. Even goes well with a light make up.

Here are a few things that decides contacts are a good idea or not if you are a teenager:

l  Freedom: Contacts free you from eyeglasses, especially thick frames that slip and slide down the bridge of your nose. You can even feel more attractive and accepted among friends without a pair of glasses in front of their eyes.
l  Great looks: Finding a place in today’s competitive world gets difficult for teens with spectacles. Wearing a glass at this critical age is mostly considered an imperfection, mostly when you are around kids where no one else is wearing glasses. It sometimes makes you go running or hide. Contact lenses, on the other hand give a more natural look, and makes you feel more self-assured.
l  Undoubtedly, a better vision: Contact lenses give a better peripheral vision than eyeglasses. They cover the entire field of vision, while glasses cover only what’s ahead of you. Contact lenses keep their shape, stay in focus better when you blink, and your vision remains crisp and clear. There is no annoying frame to obstruct your vision.

l  They are better for sports activities: Glasses and active sports, are opposite poles. They can fall off, break and even cause disturbances while gaming. Repairing and replacing broken glass is costly. They allow you to wear goggles. Their optic capacity is also crisper, which gives you a competitive advantage.

l  Change in eye color: Today's natural–looking color contacts are very popular among teens. And they're safe, as long as they're prescribed by an eyecare professional.

Contact lenses are the key to keeping your eyes healthy. If you are first time goer, do not share it with anyone, take proper care, never wear torn contacts and wash you hand before handling. It’s essential to have these fitted properly by an eyecare professional.

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